John Guess Jr. - CEO

Come sense the possibilities, the historical, the contemporary, the random, and the radical! People ask me all the time, “How do you create a museum of the future?” So many folks are convinced that you need technology and organizational protocols to create a museum of the future. I will let you on a little secret. The success of HMAAC lies directly with the people who work here, our volunteers and vendors, and our constantly growing and multicultural audience. We are African immigrants and the descendants of enslaved Africans in the Americas. We are Latinos, Anglos, and Asians. This is our formula for success. Because we represent the future of a more diverse America, we are building a museum of the future, NOW!

At HMAAC we are free to accept that Langston Hughes, Smokey Robinson, and Kanye West all co-exist as the poets of the African American experience. We are unafraid to be contemporary as well as historical. HMAAC is not, and will never be, a trapped basement locked in the past, afraid to explore and confront all aspects of the African experience in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. HMAAC will not be a place to harbor fear, but rather a swaggering amalgam of our courage, adaptability, and resilience.

We not only sense the possibilities of who we are, but we are on a voyage to become those possibilities. I look forward to you joining us. Calls us, write, us, beat a drum. The museum is yours!

HMAAC Staff 

Davinia Reed - Administrative Director

Dominic Clay - Exhibitions Manager

Charles Hunter - Events and Facilities Manager

Tereasa Doss - Administrative Assistant