About the Bert Long Jr. Gallery

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Until his death on February 1, 2013, Bert Long, Jr. was one of the brightest lights in the Houston arts community. In recognition of his support of local artists, HMAAC has dedicated a gallery in Bert’s nameto allow the museum to annually exhibit the work of four artists working in the greater Houston area. By creating this platform, HMAAC will give our community the opportunity to experience the best and most compelling of Houston’s visual artists.

The Bert Long, Jr. Gallery; Year 5 winners will have a fantastic legacy to uphold. This visual arts platform has exhibited artists such as Christopher Marion Thomas, Lakita Costner, Mack Bishop, Farrah Smith, Rodney D. Butler, Blake Bean, Christie Leday and Lee Carrier.



Brionya James

Gail Mallory

Idowu Oluwaseun

Alton Shelvin


Currently on exhibition:


Alton Shelvin