About Romeo Clay Robinson

Romeo Clay Robinson loves people! He finds their condition, feelings, thoughts, dreams, and aspirations interesting, consequential and holding extreme value. Through his perspective, he envisions people as intriguing. The creation of his art is a small attempt to capture those glimpses of when we let the world in. Perhaps even to keep the world out. Creating art is his truest endeavor in which tells us more about these stories as he grows as an artist. 

Romeo was born in New York City, New York 68 years ago. The Germain School of Photography in New York is where his journey in the arts began. His artistic journey continues through the unending patience and inspiration of Joe Clark and Ken Luce at San Jacinto College; Ken Mazzu, Patrick Palmer, Brian Portman, Francesca Fuch, Authur Turner, and Lydria Bodnar-Balahutrak at the Glassell School of Art, MFAH: and many classmate and friends. His motivation is derived from his loving wife, two beautiful children, and five magnificent grandchildren who he adores. 

The use of mixed media is his preferred medium. Naturally, he adopted materials such as Acrylics, Charcoal, Pastels, and paper collage as preferences when creating his pieces. Detailing those artists that he enjoys and draws inspiration from would be too long to list. However, the works of Alice Neel, Amedeo Modigliani, Charles White, John Biggers, Bert Long, Jr., Robert Pruitt, Palmer Hayden, Lucien Freud, and Elizabeth Catlett would be a few of those esteemed artists. Romeo has had the privilege to contribute works to the San Jacinto College-North Library, various VVA exhibitions, the Carolyn Garica Gallery, two City-Wide African American Artists Exhibitions MFAH and Five-A.