THE GATHERING August 24 and 25, 2018


Houston Museum of African American Culture (HMAAC)

4807 Caroline, Houston, Tx 77004


Take the next step with us to finish what we started November, 2017 at HMAAC. We want individual and collective purchases of real assets by this upcoming November, 2018!

On Friday, August 24 were kicking off THE GATHERING, a two day Infohappening with the opening reception every nascent and active small entrepreneur and investor will enjoy; an opening keynote from Woman CEO Projects Kristi Jackson, followed by an Afterparty with DJ Monstaa!!  

Then all day Saturday we get really serious!! We plan to make the third step in our goal of asset acquisition by November, 2018 a day of education and insight, highlighted by advice and roadmaps from  experienced entrepreneurs and investors. We cover One Womans Path to Ownership, Making Sense of investments, The Basics of Real Estate Assets and Contracts, and a Review of Collective Ownership Vehicles.  

We want you to network your peer group of future owners, and for some of you,  join your futures.