Night of Film Shorts 2015

October 29, 2015
The World is as Big or as Small As You Make It, Chaz Bundick, Tyesha, MIDNIGHT The
Sacrifice Part 1-Revelation, Melville, Gang, Alyssa & Christopher: A Wedding

Ayanda and the Mechanic

November 19, 2015
After tragedy strikes, a young woman begins a journey of self-discovery as she struggles to save
her father’s car repair shop along with her memory of him. Ayanda and the Mechanic is a coming-of-age story from writer/director Sara Blecher that takes us into a vibrant Johannes- burg community alive with love and humor, risk and reward, tragedy and triumph. This film held its world premiere screening at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival winning the Special Jury Prize in the World Fiction Competition.

Out of My Hand
December 3, 2015
Out of my Hand takes viewers inside the humble life of Liberian rubber plantation worker,
Cisco. Severe working conditions, failed unionization and corporate corruption ultimately drive
him away from his family and his country to the foreign streets of New York City where his past
forces him to confront his sense of isolation and belonging. This film debuted in the Panorama
Section of the 2015 Berlin International Film Festival.

The Middle of Nowhere
January 14, 2016
A med student considers leaving her long-imprisoned husband for a charming bus driver.  Written and directed by Selma’s Ava DuVernay.

What Happened Miss Simone
February 18, 2016
A documentary about the life and legend Nina Simone, an American singer, pianist, and civil
rights activist labeled the "High Priestess of Soul."

April 21, 2016
Fed up with her abusive family situation, lack of school prospects and the “boys’ law” in the
neighborhood, Marieme starts a new life after meeting a group of three free-spirited girls. She
changes her name, her style, drops out of school and starts stealing to be accepted into the gang.
When her home situation becomes unbearable, Marieme seeks solace in an older man who promises her money and protection. Realizing this sort of lifestyle will never result in the free-
dom and independence she truly desires, she finally decides to take matters into her own hands.

Crime After Crime

May 26, 2016
A survivor of brutal domestic violence, Debbie Peagler was incarcerated for her connection to
the murder of her abuser. Two decades later, a pair of rookie land-use attorneys cut their teeth on her case, attracting global attention to the troubled intersection of domestic violence and criminal

Putney Swope
June 30, 2016

A hallmark of 1960s radicalism and one of the first major underground films to gain a large audience. A classic film with African American Putney Swope at its core.

The life and crimes of Doris Payne

August 11, 2016

An 80 year old international jewel thief. Features interviews with Doris Payne, her daughter and son, her childhood best friend and law enforcement officers. Doris tells stories that include a daring escape, how she used "slight of hand", and the first time she "took" a piece of jewelry at the age of 10. As the movie begins we see Doris dealing with her most current charges and the possibility of facing a term in prison. From there the film goes back and forth between the past and the present until we finally learn what her destiny will be after over 50 years as an international jewel thief.

A Night of Shorts 2016

September 29, 2016

Films will explore various themes including comedy, off-kilter wit, race, friendship and combating stereotypes, coupled with genuinely thoughtful moments. 

Thursday's Night of Shorts will include: Keith Broke His Leg: Baller, Unlocking the Truth , The Sunday Morning Stripper and Ras: Down to Earth

ARRAYNow Presents: Honeytrap

October 6, 2016

Yearning for love and status, fifteen-year-old Layla is swept into a whirlwind romance with self-styled gang leader/rapper Troy - and then spat out the other side. Desperate to win Troy back, Layla offers to set up the boy who's in love with her to be killed.

When the forces she sets in motion start to collide, Layla must choose: between two boys and between desire and friendship.

Houston Cinema Arts Festival: Bless their Little Hearts at HMAAC

November 11, 2016

Set in Los Angeles in the early 80’s, Woodberry’s seminal film shows the punishing toll irregular employment takes on family life and is a poetic examination of South Central’s battered, long-gone industrial landscape. On December 18, 2013, the Library of Congress announced that Bless Their Little Hearts had been selected for inclusion in the National Film Registry for its cultural, historical, and aesthetic importance.